My dad tells about the time when an unlikely dolphin and a night out made for some good fun.

His Love For Crustaceans

  • Dad: Next time I come over I'm gonna bring you some greens. Greens are good.
  • Me: Okay Dad, but please, no more pasta, tuna, or tomatoes. We have too much. You just keep bringing it.
  • Dad: Okay. I'll bring you some shrimp.
  • Me: Cindy loves shrimp.
  • Dad: You know that you can get all kinds of shrimp from Reading Terminal Market, and they're already cooked?
  • Me: Oh, I like cooking it though. We could put it on the grill. It'd be good.
  • Dad: No Anthony, I can't cook a shrimp. I feel like I'm hurting it. You know one time I swear a shrimp looked at me. They have a look of innocence--like a deer. It's like shooting a deer. I couldn't do that.

My dad tells about a time when his alter-ego—Dr. Gigilo—got the best of him, and how someone’s diningroom table had to suffer as a result.

On Dancing and Dances

  • Me: Don't you have any other dances dad?
  • Dad: Well, the other one I did, way back. . . I used to throw my hat across the dance floor and then I would roll across the floor and pick it up.
  • Me: Isn't that more of an exercise and not a dance.
  • Dad: It was new. No one was doing that Anthony. That's how dances get started.

My dad tells about a time when he tried to make cookies with his friend “The Animal” and they fell into the wrong hands.

How People Speak

  • Dad: He speaks too fast. I couldn't understand anything he said.
  • Me: Dad, you always have something to say about someone. You're never encouraged.
  • Dad: How could I be encouraged? I couldn't understand anything he said, because he spoke too fast. That other guy, I like the way he speaks. He separates his words and sentences. It's almost like he's trained professionally--like a Jehovah's Witness. Did you know they were professionally trained to speak?
  • Me: No, I didn't know that dad.

Run with me son. 

His Philosophy on Living Everyday

If you live everyday like it’s your last, eventually you’re gonna be right.